Vulnerability assessment services

Endpoint Vulnerability assessment services.

AI-driven, cloud-agnostic Vulnerability Management Solution for SMBs MSPs and to make cybersecurity Accessible, Affordable, and Actionable for every business.


Footprint Automatically Identifies Software, Hardware, And Business Assets And Correlates Them Using Proprietary Algorithms.

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Risk Assessment

Supply Chain Risk Management

How It Works

  1. Footprint assembles a virtual network map of your digital infrastructure using both internal and external perspectives and scanning techniques.
  2. Using both agentless and agent based techniques the platform learns about digital assets in your organization and alerts you when the company is at risk.
  3. The platform discovers and continuously monitors your IT assets such as desktops, laptops, servers, network & IoT devices, and applications for new and existing threats.
  4. The assets are automatically grouped into Technical and Business Contexts based on their role. You can also change this to better reflect your structure and also change their business impact which is immediately reflected in their risk profile.
  5. Risk metrics are organized into a fully automated, real-time Vulnerability Report which is updated as your digital footprint changes or new vulnerabilities
  6. Real risk prioritization takes into consideration the affected asset, the difficulty of exploitation, and the potential damage of successful exploitation in terms of data availability, integrity, and confidentiality
  7. The Vulnerability Report is available immediately after you star using Footprint and continues to get richer over time as you increase your implementation maturity.

Revolutionary Road For A Fully Automated Comprehensive Cyber Risk Report

Once in the platform, end-users get access to a fully automated comprehensive
cyber risk report which is already translated for business executives, while
providing transparency into their actual vulnerability metrics and aback avenues.
This usually took at least a couple of days and couple more man-days of work, before Footprint.

The Footprint platform is continuously monitoring and detecting both internal and external customer digital assets no mater where they’re hosted on the planet and performs real-time correlations with known and unknown vulnerabilities and configuration errors.

Footprint Helps Castaway Drawbacks Like Dedicated Teams Of Cyber Security Professionals.

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