File sharing and collaboration

Why do business need secure file sharing and collaboration on-premise?

Keep files on-premise

Enable remote access and collaboration without exposing your data to third-party clouds and servers. Data stays on your servers for complete control of security and compliance. Combine the security of on-premise file servers with cloud productivity.

Migrate File Shares to the Cloud

Replicate data to the cloud for business continuity or disaster recovery. Save time by synchronizing user identities and access permissions to the cloud (Optionally) Retire file servers to save cost.

Instant Migration of File Shares,
Users & Permissions!

Data Control, Security & Compliance

Data control, security, and compliance leveraging your existing it investment

File Server Evolution

Secure mobile access with windows security on-premise data with no cloud replication file versioning, auditing & reporting controlled collaboration

File Server Migration

Your file server experience into cloud sync file share & permissions file sever retirement, file server gateway hybrid cloud for business availability

Why Choose Us?

We recognize that you have choices when it comes to Enterprise File Sync and File Share solutions. Determining the best option for your company comes down to making sure that your unique business needs are fully covered. Easily compare addictel features alongside our competitors’ to identify the product that’s the right fit for you.

File Server Security

Addictel is secure, protecting from cyber-attack/data loss which would cost a fortune
To prevent access or attack from compromised devices

Active Directory and NTFS Permission inherited
Endpoint encryption protects locally cached data
Endpoint backup makes it easy to replace a lost device
Remotely wipe Addictel data from compromised devices
Multi-factor authentication

To prevent data loss, theft or corruption
Ransom/malware detection disables infected devices
Restore files to a certain time and date
AV Integration blocks infections from unmanaged devices
Versioning and File change logging
SSL & AES-256 bit encryption protects data in transit and at rest

To maintain security & compliance
Brandable & Customizable
Enable or maintain compliance (ex. HIPAA and FINRA)
Install Addictel anywhere you choose and use any storage service or your own file servers
Auditing and reporting keeps track of the who, what, when and where for all actions and actors

Cloud Productivity

01. Easy

Addictel is easy, allowing workers to be productive from anywhere

02. Easy to Migrate

so you don’t have to reconfigure existing access controls

  • Familiar windows file server experience like natively mapped drives
  • Maintain NTFS permissions and Active Directory Identities

03. Easy to Use

so workers can be productive right away without changing daily work flow.

  • Familiar windows file server experience like natively mapped drives
  • Access cloud files just like local files in Windows
  • Users can “Save As” or “Drag & Drop”
  • Access files from any device and share them with anyone
  • On-Demand synchronization and local caching maximizes performance

04. Easy to Manage

To maintain centralized control

  • Centralized, policy-based administration
  • On-Demand synchronization and local caching saves bandwidth and storage
  • Version control and automatic file locking so nothing is lost or overwritten

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