Disaster recovery & business continuity solution

Encrypted Backup


Schedule & Automate

Sync & Share

Across all devices

Cyber Security

Unlimited Protection


Disaster Recovery

Backup Everyhing

Disaster Recovery

Backup features






Image Snapsho



Microsof 365

Google Workspace

MS Sharepoint

MS Exchange




Cyber Security

  • Deployment of WAF Shield
  • Implementation of Remote Antivirus Scans
  • Antimalware protection and alers
  • Scan Schedules
  • Key Files Protection
  • Modification of Endpoints
  • Device Dashboard
  • URL Filering
  • Protection of Key Files using HSM
  • Real Time Protection
  • Use of Clam AV scanner based REST APIs
  • Protection across all Devices
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

Other key features

Remote management

Take control of your devices remotely via the web portal to adjust schedules, backups, policies, and much more.

Mass Deployment

Use configured scripts to mass deploy the software and mobile apps to thousands of devices quickly and efficiently.

Ransomware Protection

Set your own version/generation limit meaning you can go back to any point in time to restore data.

Disaster recovery

Our unique feature where you can have serverless DR for Windows and Linux Machines to access files via a unique link when Disaster strikes. For Mac you can access the Image Snapshots to restore to any other Mac machine. Create your Image Snapshot backup set and away you go. Access the DR feature via your mobile or your web poral.

Admin & User Mobile Apps

All admins have a separate mobile app that replicates the master web poral. From this app, admins can create users. add backup sets and do much more. There is also an app for each user which allows them to view their account and manage any backups.

Security & compilance

Our solution is built on the latest coding, security, and compliance protocols, so rest assured your data is securely stored with no 3rd party access.

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