Cyber protection for VIP’s

Why do you need personal cyber protection?

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting company executives, board members, and investors to take advantage of their high wealth and prominent stature. It’s critical to monitor and shut down external campaigns that attempt to phish, hack, or impersonate your VIPs online.

Email anti-phishing, social media fake account pull-down, threat intelligence and much more
My services include:

Defense Against Profile Impersonations I will identify and take down fake social media profiles impersonating your executives, board members, and other VIPs, which may be used to phish employees, spread misinformation, or damage brand reputation.

Identifying Sensitive Data Leaks I along With my team will scour thousands of dark web forums, black markets, paste sites, and other sources to discover leaked PII / PHI and sensitive data of your executives.
Protection Against Targeted Attacks I will uncover target lists and identify spear-phishing campaigns that attempt to attack and exploit your executives, board members, and employees with access to sensitive corporate systems. Block access to the crown jewels.

How it works?

It’s like having your own Cyber security guard 24/7 to protect Safeguard your human assets with Addictel Today

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