Cloud backup & storage

cloud backup for your files
Save you and your family data in the cloud and access it anywhere at any time.

Addictel offers a secure cloud file sync and share solution that enables you to enjoy a complete “take your PC with you” experience with automatic backup, advanced tasks scheduling, selective restore, and file versioning features.

  • Access and share your files, anytime, anywhere
  • Easily collaborate your documents and share your photos on any social network
  • Automatically backup your files, folders, and contacts to a secure cloud
  • Enjoy high-quality streaming media via online storage
  • Secure cloud-based file sync and share keep your photos, music, videos, and documents at your fingertips anywhere

Key features

Reasons why you need intelligent cloud

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Why waste time on ineffective file search? Why waste money maintaining your servers? Optimize the way you work.

Data Organisation & Greater Insights

No matter how many files you upload. the system will automatically analyze and structure your data for you. This means more files can be gathered and your business can identify new opportunities.

Advanced Security

Your data gets the same security treatment as NASA, Netflix and the US Government. Track all account activity in real-time.

Integrated Solution

Stop wasting time and money with 3rd party software or paying a developer. Upgrade your infrastructure without breaking the bank.

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